Limited Liability
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IT Services Company
Registration in Vietnam
Company incorporation (LLC)
● Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)
● Business Registration Certificate (BRC)
● Company chop/seal registration
● Bank account opening
● Tax e-token registration
Registration timeline, on
average 4 – 6 weeks
Out of pocket expenses
● State fees
● Company’s chop/seal making
● Notarization of documents in Vietnam
● Translation of documents to Vietnamese
● Tax e-token purchase
Billed at actual
Est. $300
Monthly accounting and payroll
● Setup of chart of accounts and
accounting software
● Quarterly tax reporting
● Payroll processing
For the first 3 months.
After 3 months:
$250/month= 50
transaction + 5
+$20 = + 1 headcount
+$50 = + $50
Business address (HCMC)
● Use our virtual office service to meet the
business address requirement or lease
your own address.
Engage min. 6 months
Resident Director
● Use Emerhub’s arranged person to meet
the resident director requirement or
provide your own person
Engage min. 6 months
How does the monthly package work?
Once your company is registered, it has to meet a series of
requirement; such as recording its transactions, calculating and report
monthly taxes, payroll, and investment reporting.
By using Emerhub’s monthly package, you will have our experts
working for your business at a cost that is lower than hiring a
part-time office administrator
Payment Terms:
● First payment: 50% LLC service + 100% of all other services
upon signing Engagement letter.
● Last payment: the balance settled upon the completion of IRC
Key Requirements to Set Up a
Company in Vietnam
Minimum 1 and maximum 50 shareholders (Founders)
Shareholders can be both individuals and corporations. Depending
on your business classification there might be a limit to the maximum
foreign ownership.
Minimum paid up capital
No minimum capital investment required for an IT service company,
we suggest to put sufficient amount to cover the company’s
expenses until it can be self-sustained.
The capital investment is expected to be transferred to your
corporate CAPITAL bank account within 90 days after the company
registration is completed. Some industries have higher capital
At least one resident director.
Directors can be legal representatives, they can but don’t have to be
shareholders of the company. The resident director arranged by
Emerhub will not take any signatory responsibility for the company’s
Registered business address
Your company must use a registered address that is in a commercial
building. Can be provided by Emerhub.
VISA and Permit Options
Entry Visa to Vietnam (pandemic)
● Entry permission from People Committee
● Visa approval
● Quarantine plan approval
Process timeline:
4-6 weeks
Investor Visa
● Only when the applicant is in Vietnam
● Applied for business owner(s) only
Process timeline:
2 weeks
Work Permit + Resident Card
● Non-Vietnamese employee of the
company must obtain Work Permit
● TRC is long-term stay permit valid with
the same time with Work Permit (2 years)
Process timeline:
4-6 weeks for WP
2 weeks for TRC
Payment Terms
● 100% in advance
● Fees excluding VISA stamp and VAT
Requirements for Company Registration
No Documents
1 Details of all the Founders (1-50 founders)
If Individual founder(s):
● Consular legalized copy of the passport; or original passport
if currently in HCMC;
● Bank statement.
If Corporate founder(s):
● Consular legalized (Vietnam Embassy) copy from the country
of issuance for following documents:
○ Certificate of incorporation;
○ Passport copy of the Director or the legal
○ Last 2 years of the audited financial statement (if
registered for less than 1 year then bank statement);
● Copy of Article of the association or by laws;
● List of Director(s) / Legal representative(s).
2 Details of the Chairman
● At least 1 Chairman if the company has two or more
founders, can be the same as founder and Director;
● If a foreign national:
○ Consular legalized copy of the passport; or original
passport if currently in HCMC.
● If Vietnamese national:
○ Original or a notarized copy of the ID
3 Details of the Resident Director
● 1 Resident Director is required;
● Appointment of a foreign Director who is not a founder
requires a work permit and proven experience of at least 1
year in a managing position;
● Director can be Chairman and Founder;
● If a foreign national:
○ consular legalized copy of the passport; or original
passport, if currently in HCMC
● If Vietnamese:
○ Original or a notarized copy if the ID.
4 Business address
Lease Agreement for office space (company address) in Vietnam
(unless using Emerhub’s virtual office).



dell computers
microsoft office
google enterprise
(fiber internet)

app deveolopment


web development

IT Security


200 dollars for joint
1500 for FDI