Security Basics

Single Sign On

To prevent losing passwords or getting passwords stolen why not just have one really strong password that you can remember.
No more need to write down passwords in a notebook.
You can also manage your accounts and log out by changing your password.


If your laptop gets stolen thieves can extract data from your hard drive even if they do not know the password by extracting data from a disk. This can be prevented if the hard drive is encrypted and there is a password lock on your hard drive.

Multi Factor Authentication

Just a password isn’t safe enough. People have saved passwords on their computers or passwords can be guessed. If you use a 2nd layer of security like MFA logging in will be much more secure. Some things you can use for MFA is fingerprint identification, a key, one time password or authorize by cellphone.


Another thing that will prevent getting data compromised is leaning about prevention within the organization and be always be ready to spot any suspicions activity.

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